Hickory Moon – Rental agreement

    • Check-in is 3pm and check-out is 10am, unless otherwise agreed with the owner.
    • We only rent to one booking at a time, you do not have to share the house with other bookings. 
    • Late check-outs may incur a fee.  
    • Holidaymakers who cancel at least 14 days before check-in will receive 100% of the amount that you've paid. If you cancel between 7 and 14 days before check-in, you'll be refunded 50%. You will not receive any refund if you cancel up to 7 days before your stay.
    • By renting this property you are agreeing to pay for excess cleaning, breakages etc. during your stay, as deemed necessary by the owner. Please note we understand that crockery and glasses may be accidentally broken and we will not charge you for minor breakages. We want you to enjoy your stay so don’t stress if you break a glass.
    • Bank account details for direct payments are: BSB 012 520 Account 410394049.
    • Depending on the length of your stay we may ask for a security deposit.
    • A noise curfew applies to music or any excessive noise after 10.00pm. By accepting our terms and conditions you are confirming that you agree and understand this.
    • Prices begin at $200.00 per night, for two adults using 1 bedroom.
    • The price for 3-4 adults is $360 (2 bedrooms)
    • The price for 5-6 adults is $520 (2 bedrooms and sofa)
    • Whilst your booking entitles you to the use of the house we do restrict the use of bedrooms/bathrooms as per below unless otherwise agreed to:         

      If you book for 2 guests - this entitles you to the use 1 bedroom/bathroom 

      If you book for 4 guests - this entitles you to the use 2 bedrooms/bathrooms 

      If you booked for 6 guests, you have use of all bedrooms, bathrooms and the sofa bed.

    • A minimum 2 night stay is required however there are times we can accommodate a single night stay. Please contact us for availability. 
    • The price from 10th October to 13th October, 2019 is $500.00 per night. 
    • Sorry we do not cater for pets or children.
    • The maximum number of persons that may be accommodated at the property is specified in your booking confirmation. Excess persons will be required to vacate the property or a pro rata charge may apply if appropriate bedding is available at the property at the Property Manager’s discretion.
    • Guests must leave the property in a clean and tidy condition, the furniture in the position it was found in and place all garbage in the bins located on the western wall of the garage.
    • In winter we can sometimes get heavy snow falls which may cause the roads to be closed. Should this happen during your stay we will not charge for any additional night/s you need to stay due to snow.
    • This is a no smoking venue. If it is evident someone has been smoking within the house you will be liable for all cleaning costs. 

If you have any queries about the Terms and Conditions of your stay please contact us. Enjoy your stay!

Please contact Maxine if you have any questions:  0429 361 926

Hickory Moon 2019 Instagram and Facebook photo competition 

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